About Foundations Archaeology

Foundations Archaeology was founded in 1995 as one of the new independent contract archaeology units which came into being after the introduction of Planning Policy Guidance note 16 in 1991. This new legislation opened up the market for independent units to work alongside, and often replace the former system of Museum and County Council based units.

Following a successful two years saw the incorporation of the business as Archaeological Management Services Ltd in 1997, although the company continues to trade as Foundations Archaeology.

Over the last twenty years, Foundations has gone from strength-to-strength and now has a nationwide reputation for consistent rapid, high-quality and cost-effective work.

Foundations is committed to the highest level of quality standards and has been certified to BS/EN/ISO 9001 for quality assurance in the provision of archaeological services since 2003; one of the first archaeological practices to be independently certified for quality standards. Foundations is also a Registered Organisation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and works to the Institute’s Standards and Guidance, as well as complying with its Codes of Conduct and Practice.

Foundations offers a comprehensive and professional nationwide service, providing commercially aware support where and when our clients need it.
If you would like advice or assistance with an archaeological issue affecting your development or would like to discuss our services and fee structure in more detail call Foundations on 01793 525993 and speak to us about the solution. Alternatively, you can email us with general enquiries at admin@foundations.co.uk