Roy King BA MCIfA Managing Director

Roy has over 25 years’ experience in development-related archaeology within the planning system. He began his career with Thamesdown Archaeology Unit in the late 1980s, subsequently working for Cotswold Archaeology before setting up Foundations in 1995. Roy manages all aspects of the business, including the majority of consultancy projects. He attained MCIfA in 1993.

Diana King BA MCIfA Assistant Director, Company Secretary

Diana has over 12 years’ experience in contracting archaeology and has worked for Foundations since 1999, progressing to her present post in 2008. She has directed numerous projects and is experienced in both consultancy and fieldwork. Diana also manages most of the historic building recording, photographic survey and land quality assessment projects. As she returns to work from her Maternity leave she is assisting with archiving part-time. She attained MCIfA in 2009.

Tracy Michaels BSc ACIfA Associate Director

Tracy first worked for Foundations Archaeology in 1998 and by 2001 was promoted to Assistant Director. She is widely experienced in aspects of field and office based work. However, following the birth of her son in 2006, Tracy decided to take a career break and re-joined Foundations in 2012 in the capacity of Office Manager and also acts as accountant.

Andrew Hood BSC MCIfA Project Manager

Andy began working for Foundations Archaeology in 2000, whilst studying for an archaeology degree. Upon graduation, he joined the company full time. Since 2005, he has managed numerous archaeological projects, including watching briefs, evaluations and excavations. At present, he is a project manager, with both fieldwork and office based responsibilities. Currently holds MCIfA.

Mark Blagg-Newsome Senior Archaeologist 

Mark joined Foundations is 2017 as a Senior Archaeologist.


Sam McAdams PCIfA Supervisor

Sam joined Foundations in 2015 and has been working on Watching Briefs, Excavations and Evaluations across the UK.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Eva Takac Finds Officer 

Eva joined Foundations in 2016 to help with our archiving and supporting fieldwork when necessary.